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The DYSL Series of Dooyoujng T&S offers soft light with 100% asymmetrical indirect light without glare. Everyone who experienced the light from the The DYSL Series agrees on these characteristics.
You can directly check the ‘beautiful light emphasized by everyone’ in schools, sports facilities in communities or industrial sites requiring healthy sport activities, or performance or exhibition halls requiring atmospheric lighting.

The Beautiful light-The DYSL Series can be manufactured in various shapes depending on reflector shapes, color temperature or rendering.


School Facilities
Facilities in schools must use indirect light as similar to natural light as possible to protect students’ eyes.

The facilities for students who keep growing shall adopt the indirect light using a reflex effect to be the most similar to natural light rather than dazzling metal light for protecting eyes.
The The DYSL Series installed in the assembly hall in Gwangyang Girls Middle School in July 2018
The officials from the office of education, staff and teachers in the school were astonished after checking the light for themselves.
The The DYSL Series installed in the open playground in Sinmyeong Girls Middle School in Oct.
The The DYSL Series was installed in the open playground as a pilot project in 2017 and additionally installed in 2019.
The The DYSL Series in the assembly hall in Gaya Elementary School in Sep. 2018
Gaya Elementary School experienced light from the DYSL floodlight in Gwangmyeong Girls Middle School in July and willingly installed the The DYSL Series in the indoor assembly hall after the simulation by Dooyoung.
Installation in the tennis court in Goesan Middle School in Apr. 2017
The staffs and teachers felt uncomfortable with the existing metal lights due to glaring and shadow. After checking the light from The DYSL Series , they replaced all existing lights with The DYSL Series.
Sports Facilities
We must use indirect light, which is the most similar to natural light, to protect eyes.

When installing the high power floodlight in a wide range of sports-for-all facilities, outdoor performance halls and sports stadiums, those facilities need indirect light using the reflex effect to be the most similar to natural light rather than dazzling metal lights to prevent the lights from directly impacting players’ eyes.
-Sep. 2017 Tennis court in Chungbuk Techno Park
-Sep. 2018 Training Center of Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation
-Apr. 2019 Buyeo Baekje League Baseball Park
-Jun. 2019 Ulsan Namsan Leports Park Footsal Park
Industrial Sites
Industrial sites require indirect light, which is the most similar to natural light, for human safety and eye protection.

The most serious concern in industrial sites including warehouses, power plants or harbors with high ceilings is safety. These facilities must use or install floodlights that are bright and light as well as save power consumption.
- Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. compared and analyzed the light from DYSL floodlights and fully replaced the existing 730w from the L company with the DYSL300ws in Nov. 2018.
- Uljin Thermal Power Plant examined light sources and selected the DYSL300wS in Oct. 2019.
Parks & Exhibition Halls
Lights in parks and exhibition halls shall have excellent rendering value.

Parks and exhibition halls need a lighting system with soft bright light and rendering value as close as possible to that of natural daylight– Dooyoung DYSL-85Ra or higher specification.
Won the public procurement pilot project organized by the Public Procurement Service and Ministry of Small and Medium Businesses and Startups in Dec. 2018.
(Public Procurement Pilot Project)

Landscape lighting for LH Korea Land and Housing Corporation
(Pilot procurement of landscape lighting)
Installation of DYSL floodlights in a Korean Air hangar in 2016. Mood lighting/performance or exhibition halls, museums, etc.