Dooyoung T&S Co., Ltd
CEO’s Greeting


Dooyoung T&S would like to be your best friend.

The The DYSL Series of Dooyoujng T&S offers soft light through 100% asymmetrical indirect light without glare.
Everyone who has experienced the light from the The DYSL Series agrees on these characteristics.
With those features, the The DYSL Series can help students and residents to actively participate in sports activities for health by protecting their eyes in sports facilities in communities or lecture halls in schools.
Furthermore, the The DYSL Series may significantly reduce even the expenses for
installation and secure safety in a wide range of industrial sites by reducing the
weight by almost 50% as compared to existing products.
Dooyoung T&S promises continued endeavor to maintain our good relationship
with our customers through cherishing our connection.
Thank you.